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At KC, family is always at the center of our purpose. As COVID-19 creates volatility and uncertainty, KC’s commitment to the physical and emotional health of its family, including customers, ambassadors, vendors, industry partners, and employees is unwavering. We plan to serve our community and industry by being ready and able to adapt to the rapidly changing situation and minimize the impact on people and businesses. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken:

We have maximized the number of staff working from home and only those who need to be physically in office for assembly and distribution are working in the office. We have increased the amount of daily communication across our leadership team and departments to ensure seamless collaboration.

All departments that are working remotely, including our Customer Service, Operations and Finance teams are already online and functional; securely. Over the past few years, our operational infrastructure was built on secure cloud-based platforms and allow us to shift fluidly to working remotely while maintaining day-to-day efficiencies.

Currently, outside of the 2-week lead time due to demand on our Gravity Pro6 LEDs lights and light bars, we are not experiencing any other abnormal supply chain or stock outages. We plan to keep our customers informed if things change.

The community has always been an integral part of the soul of the brand. Without you and the places we come together at, KC would not be what it is today. In light of current CDC recommendations, we are reducing our attendance to all events occurring in March and April and will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as it progresses.

The KC team is extremely grateful for our family with whom we’ve built quality relationships that we know will deliver quality results. We stand ready to Adventure Further, no matter what challenges lie ahead; together.

Warmest Regards,

Alan Wang
Chief Executive Officer